Results 2021

The Lifestyle Clinic Results 2021

Results 2020

It goes without saying that this year was full of disruptions! The clinic was paused for six months before fully re-opening in September. 91 referrals were welcomed in 2020; less than in the previous year, but the participants have been equally as successful as in 2019. We have welcomed a specialist diabetic nurse to the clinic and look forward to the additional experience and capacity this will create. Evaluation of these results will follow shortly.

Results 2019

2019 was a busy year for us with 361 referrals received!!

66% were females, 34% were males.

The graph below shows the average age of those people referred

We offer a service for all patients who are registered in the Amman-Gwendraeth area. Most of our patients are referred from the Ammanford area (Brynteg surgery & Margaret Street), likely as a result of the clinics being held in Ammanford. We are hoping to increase participation from the other surgeries in 2020/2021!

Weight loss

The average weight loss was 5.1% of starting weight over the first 16 weeks! This is fantastic as it seems that 5% weight loss brings about significant improvements in markers of health. Half lost even more than this!!

Medication prescriptions

Of our diabetic cohort of 110 patients, 76 repeat medications were stopped!! 27 patients were able to stop more than 1 medication.


This is the blood marker for diabetes. Profound improvements were made in these blood results

Changes in HbA1c with and without lifestyle intervention
Changes in HbA1c with lifestyle clinic v without
Blood sugar ranges before and after lifestyle changes


Many people worry about the impact increasing consumption of healthy fats will have on their cholesterol profile. Here are the results from our diabetic patients, before they started, and after 16 weeks. What we were particularly interested in was the readings of the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ cholesterol. Please see what happened to these within a mere 16 weeks of a low carb diet:


HDL is the good cholesterol. We want this as high as possible (Higher than 1.1) As you can see we managed this in nearly every patient!


This is known as the ‘bad cholesterol’. We need this number as low as possible (preferably below 2). We saw many people drastically improve this number, with most now in the ‘normal range’

hdl chart

HDL Measurements

triglycerides chart

Triglycerides Measurements

I was diagnosed with type two diabetes in 2014 and decided to control it with weight loss. At the time I was weighing in at 198 lbs and with a conscious effort I managed to control it down to 185 lbs but it crept up to about 190 lbs. I maintained this weight by cutting down on all intake of food by using smaller plates etc. In this time had developed a blood pressure problem.

In March of last year having had one of my regular blood tests my HbA1c result was 88. Alarm bells rang and after a consultation with Dr. Frater, she put me on Metformin and recommend that I should lose some weight and to try a low carbohydrate diet and also introduced me to the lifestyle clinic group. I attended this group with my wife and found it very informative and encouraging with regular ‘weigh ins’ and presentations. I found all of these, along with the use of a blood sugar testing kit, very useful. The change in my diet wasn’t easy, as I cut out all potatoes, pasta, rice and bread, and to decide what to have in their place was not an easy task as I enjoy cooking with all the usual sauces and treats. So had to change to all the vegetables and proteins recommend by the group meetings. I persevered and in six months my Hb1Ac reading  of 44 was now in the pre-diabetic range and my weight was down to 173 lbs! Since then it has come down to 43 in December and a weight of 168 lbs. I am also on a quarter of the dose of tablets for my blood pressure, only taking a half tablet daily and only one Metformin tablet. Also my blood sugar count is between 5 and 7 on a very regular basis.

Now after the Christmas period and now with the Covid 19 lockdown my weight has stabilised at 172 lbs. and I have re-introduced some carbohydrates into my diet, but knowing their effect on my weight it is on a much lower level than it used to be.

All I can say is that my new way of eating has obviously worked and that is thanks to the encouragement I have received by joining the lifestyle clinic. Thank you.